The last FINAL call for help

En retrospección, el curso de informática comenzó prometedor pero no cumplió mis expectativas. No lo menciono en ofensa al profesor o al curso, sino que yo entre al curso con conocimientos previos que me cargaron durante el curso. El curso tuvo una buena estructura y es excelente para introducir al estudiante a herramientas digitales, pero, el participar del curso con un conocimiento base de estas herramientas limita el aprovechamiento en la clase; lo cual no es una falla del curso, sino el desarrollo natural, ya que parte de mi generación ya esta bienvenida a estas herramientas digitales. Este blog fue visitado por 20 personas durante el tiempo en el que el curso estuvo activo.

Listado de tareas:

  1. Call for Help #1
  2. Call for Help#2 : The Professor Strikes Back
  3. Call for Help#3 :Something about Pictures
  4. Call For Help#4 : Even Garbage Evolves
  5. Call For Help#5 : About?
  6. Call for Help #6 :Referencing
  7. Call for Help #7 :Small work
  8. Call for Help #8: Help The Competition
  9. Programación
  10. Reflexión Final ( Post actual)

Durante el curso, 20 personas visitaron este blog. Opino que la idea del blog fue inútil en muchos aspectos; lo positivo siendo la entrega de las tareas virtualmente. Para las personas que no les interesa la idea de mantener un blog activo por un pasatiempo, el blog resulta, en mi opinión, tiempo y esfuerzo perdido ya que no planeo escribir en este blog en el futuro.

“The Predator” C.H.I.E.F. review

The Predator Poster
Image From:Twentieth Century Fox

Predator is one of the best movies ever made and if you disagree, I will fight you on the side of the street. With that being said, I completely despise “The Predator”. No one wanted another installment in the franchise and double the nobodies wanted it to be directed by Shane Black. Not only did he ruin Iron Man, he also took predator to the grave.

“The Predator” is an expensive and handcrafted insult to the original movie. Not only does it miss the mark, but it goes way beyond the mark, circles the earth and lands in a spot that’s even further back from the starting point; it goes so far that it goes backwards. And the big set pieces that the movie has is so ugly and fake looking that just makes you cry. The blood is just an MS paint splash of red CGI across the actors and, the predators them self are CGI, although, only one scene has a real predator model, then the predators go back to being awful looking. Did i mention the story? I wont, its bad.

“The Predator” gets a special place in the garbage bin and a sticker that has its rating of a 2/10. Do not see this movie if you’re a fan of the original Predator masterpiece.

“Assassin’s Creed” C.H.I.E.F. review

Assassin's Creed Poster
Image from: Ubisoft

Yeah, this movie sucked. I’m cutting straight to it. Assassin’s Creed is a great video game franchise that got slaughtered in the Hollywood adaptation business and it was a murder i still mourn.

The whole movie is a love letter to boredom. The dialogue is uninteresting, just like the characters. The action scenes are boring and feel heavily processed like they tried to make it as family friendly as possible while keeping the definition of boring intact. Some effects are cool, ill give it that, but good effects don’t make a good movie.

In the end, I got nothing else to say, because the movie didn’t offer anything else. It’s bland, stupid and boring. The final verdict for this movie is a boring 5/10

“Maze Runner: The Death Cure” C.H.I.E.F. review

Maze Runner: The Death Cure Poster
Image from: Twentieth Century Fox

The Maze Runner franchise was one that started the race sprinting faster that all of the competitors only to later stumble and fall broken and then get repeatedly stomped by the other competitors running over it. The first movie was impressive and brought some cool concepts to the table; the second one didn’t. The second one was generic and boring, but how did the third one do? Damn terrible

Maze Runner: The Death Cure was one of the worst movies I saw in theaters last year. The opening scene was one of the worst opening sequences I’ve seen in a movie to date, to the movie’s credit, the opening scene represents the quality of the movie you’re getting. The effects are floaty and just look fake; they aren’t ugly they are just fake looking. The sound is awful and the story gave me a headache.

Not saying much cause I don’t feel like it because I have to pump these things out to meet a quota. The final verdict for this movie is a 4/10.


For the final call for help, I am required to publish the final project done in class. So without further adieu, here IT is…


Magnificent, isn’t it?

And finally, here is the report of some interviews that were forcefully made…

“Bumblebee” C.H.I.E.F. review

Bumblebee is a corporate insult to my very existence and all of my brain cells that have committed suicide over the years. Why do companies spend $100+ just to spit on our face? Because we pay them $10 for a ticket for them to waste our time and punish us with the personification of garbage on screen, but hey, they got our money!

Bumblebee is yet another Transformers movie that preys on peoples nostalgia and little kids innocence. The novelty of this film was that it wasn’t made by Michael Bay but the result was another type of cringe fest that critics are giving praise, they are wrong.

The movie has a flat lining plot with stupid characters and a spoon and a half of 90s references to trick you into thinking the movie is cool and good when in reality the movie is on the floor burning. The dialogue is generic and so is the sound design. I never though i would care, but the movie has huge plot holes and inconsistencies with the previous installments.

We aren’t wasting any more time, we will give it a 2/10 in all rating scales. Do not see, smell or touch this movie.

“Hotel Transylvania 3″C.H.I.E.F. review

Some of the best movies of all time are animated movies. Sony Picture Animations has given us some of the worst animations that beg to be witnessed, but always forgotten. This post will focus on a movie that gave us one of the worst cinema experiences last year and straight up killed a franchise of decent movies. Lets take a moment to shred to pieces a horrifyingly boring and painful movie called “Hotel Transylvania 3”

This absolute garbage pushes the 1:30 run time and has so much disgusting filler that the whole experience is just praying for the long dead ancient gods of movies for the movie to end. The first minute of the film is focused on wrecking the character of Dracula to the point where it becomes another character . The mere existence of this film’s story destroys everything established in the other two films. The jokes are vomit infusing and fall flat on their face before they can reach the punchline. The animation is good, on times; sometimes it looks awful. The voice acting ranges from screw you to I’m just getting paid to read this.

The final score for Hotel Transylvania 3 is a… 4/10 in the children scale and it has a C.H.I.E.F. score of 2/10. Do not see this movie at home and definitively don’t buy it at 2 dollars on the bargain bin, leave it there to rot.