Call for Help#4 Even garbage evolves

The web, a seemingly powerful tool of communication, has turned into an artificial habitat were brain cells go to die, unless it is used in a responsible manner and with dignity; and what better way to use such tool to educate yourself and others. The knowledge that we gather from the internet depends on the way we communicate with it.

Human evolution has been bound to the ability of humans to communicate with each other and their environment by the use of tools and philosophy. With the internet being a form of communication that has been turned into a habitat, it limits the capacity and quality of any possible form of education worthy of progress and logic. The individuals who participate in the internet have a responsibility to learn to communicate with the Internet’s environment to allow a positive form of communication and education.

For the internet to be used efficiently in the education of children, the children must be shown how to communicate RESPONSIBLY and REGULATED with the Internet’s artificial environments and the adults responsible for this new education are required to allow this new form of education to take place and not restrict it’s access.

To answer the question, the internet does help in educating a conscious entity and can have positive and negative effects, giving the entity knowledge but not reason or logic. The sense of logic and morals are shown by other conscious entity which the internet can facilitate getting in contact with but isn’t a direct source.

Call for help #2 : The professor strikes back

As the title suggests, the first call for help attempt was a failure and I am required to expose the role in my life that’s occupied by the internet in exchange of my freedom. Since, you the spectator, are reading this via the internet, i will save all of the basics of what exactly is the internet and just go straight into earning my freedom.

My activity in the web has always been in the pursue of knowledge or recreation as a spectator. I try to not participate in sites like social media as my view towards such sites is as negative as it gets. Such views come from the fact that in these types of sites is that you, the apparent consumer, are the product. This view is backed by the fact that these sites or companies monitor and collect your information to sell it to other companies for different purposes.

In addition to the previous point, it is worth mentioning that such sites are the leading cause of death by CRINGE. The amount of pain inducing cringe spread by just one post alone is enough to kill brain cells and limit the evolving capabilities of the average human.

If the web was absent in my life, i would completely lack the privilege of having knowledge be as accessible as searching in my phone instead of swallowing whole books in the pursue of knowledge or having more options for entertainment. Since entertainment and knowledge are not exclusive to the internet, I would survive without internet EASILY, but in a state of certain ignorance due to the lack of available information made accessible by the internet. But, perhaps our lives would be better without the internet, who knows?