Call for Help #8 :Help the competition

Assignment #8

For this forced blog entry, i will list a couple of virtual channels for both business and recreational with the sole purpose of completing the assignment.


-Business Insider – Virtual Magazine that shares business related information.

-El Nuevo Dia= Newspaper chain that centers on Puerto Rico

-NYT – Business = A subcategory of the New York Times magazine that centers on business related news

-The Economist = Newspaper that centers on news regarding business and economics

-Wall Street Journal – Virtual rendition of the physical newspaper print of The Wall Street Journal


-Engadget = Virtual magazine that’s all entertainment related tech news

-Gizmodo = virtual magazine that centers on tech and science related news

-National Geographic = you know what this is

-New Scientists = Virtual magazine that’s science oriented

-Scientific American Content = Virtual magazine that specializes on posting scientific articles


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